I was trundling along in life… oblivious to the changes happening in my body. I just figured getting older meant having less energy, less vitality, less mental focus, lower libido… pretty much less of everything; I mean that is we are told from early on, it’s a fact of getting older, right? But then life dropped a bomb on my head… a nice bomb; I met the love of my life… and probably many previous lives as well (if you believe in that sort of stuff). You know when you meet someone whom you click with at every level… mentally/physically/emotionally and spiritually? Someone who you can spend time with and not even say a word because there’s a knowing and familiarity that means you are so comfortable with each other. Yup, I feel like I won the lottery! She is many years younger than me and about 6 months ago she said she wanted a family! Now I already have 2 kids, aged 18 and 20… and I remember just how hard it was raising them; I didn’t know if I would have the energy, stamina, and sheer determination to do this again… I was scared shitless. So, either I let her go or I find a way to get myself into the shape, shape up or ship out to put it in crude terms. I started doing lots of research, eating better, working out more… however, the changes in how I felt were not as much as expected, it was like pushing a boulder uphill. It was then that I stumbled upon testosterone and its impact on men’s health. To put it bluntly, I was knocked down, like being hit by Mike Tyson. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, there is an epidemic in men’s health. I, like you, perhaps thought testosterone was just a sex hormone for muscly guys… how wrong I was. This hormone is the very elixir of life, the fountain of youth. It’s responsible for your total well-being, mental/emotionally/physical and sexual and it’s been dropping for the last 40 years. The evidence is staggering, you can expect a 1% drop per year after the age of 30, on top of the fact that it has been dropping by 1% per year over the last 40 years… double whammy. I really didn’t like what I was reading, and it didn’t sit well with me; are we really consigned to become mentally/physically/emotionally/sexually frail as we get older… shells of who we were? So, I dug and dug and came across a recent medical study that showed that aging does not mean a drop in testosterone levels… the drop is down to lifestyle and poor habits… boom! Suddenly there was a glimmer of hope. I decided there and then to find out as much as possible on how to change these poor lifestyle habits. How to not only stop the drop, but also increase testosterone levels so men can get older and still feel and look amazing. I spent 4 months researching, and at the end of it, the 5R Method was born; a step by step method to help men reclaim and boost their testosterone levels naturally and safely. This is not a joke guys, men’s health really is in turmoil… the evidence is overwhelming. But we can do something about it, together, without drugs, quick fixes or fads, we can feel the vitality and pure passion we once did… feel great and look great; that is my mission, from the heart.


Optimal health and wellbeing for men, naturally


To inspire 10,000 men to step into their true power and live life with passion and vitality by supporting them with cutting edge solutions and guidance


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We are true to ourselves and our clients

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We hold ourselves to the highest of standards. We run an efficient organization that is accountable, transparent, and driven by achieving exceptional results.

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We are committed to building a community of men who thrive and support each other

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We help and support our clients to achieve better health and well being

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We have an unflinching resolve to create positive change for male health

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