You might not like me after I tell you about this everyday food that kills Testosterone, trust me, I didn’t like myself either; it’s sugar. I love my fizzy drinks like Mountain Dew, or ice cream, or chocolate sponge pudding, or chocolate. I have a sweet tooth…what can I say? Or rather, I used to have a sweet tooth, but not anymore. It’s done with. Why? Because of a study published in 2016 in the British Journal of sports medicine, and it states I quote,

“sugar is more addictive than both heroin and cocaine. Let me repeat that. Sugar is more addictive than both heroin and cocaine.”

Wow. I mean, we all know is bad for us. But that bad? This thing, this poison must exist in every single household, at least in the Western world. But the truth of the matter is, no one needs sugar is not good for our weight for our heart, brain functioning liver, kidneys, we don’t need it. Apparently, it creates the same neural pathways in your brain as heroin and cocaine and you suffer the same withdrawal symptoms when you give it up, according to the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology, it states that:

“eating 75 grams of sugar actually reduces your testosterone levels by at least 25%.”

Guess how much sugar the average Westerner has on a daily basis. Have a guess?

At least 80 grams!

This is backed up by research carried out at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston; they found that eating glucose or sugar significantly reduced your levels of testosterone. Other research shows that insulin, the hormone the body secretes after you eat food results in lower levels of testosterone. What that means is, the higher your insulin, the lower your level of testosterone. Other studies showed that sugar actually results in a drop in the production of growth hormone, which is what we need for sex drive, building muscle and fat metabolism.

food that kills testosteroneNow maybe you’re thinking well, I’m actually okay with sugar, I don’t have that much. That may be because you’re thinking of sugar as something that you add to your food to your coffee or to your cereal, etc. Or maybe sugar as in the most obvious forms, like fizzy drinks or candies, etc. But that isn’t the problem. The problem is the sugar hidden in plain sight, the sugar that’s loaded into our food, even healthy food.

This is where I think that we’ve been betrayed by the food companies, because you might go out shopping and pick something up and look at the label and you can’t see sugar. You think okay, that’s fine, no problem. However, the issue is this, the food companies have found at least 56 different names for sugar. So they load sugar into our food and rename it, so when you look at the label, you can’t see sugar.

Checkout the link to this list of different names for sugar. Please have a look. It’s really really important that you become more aware of when you look at the label that sugar might not appear as sugar and therefore you don’t know how much sugar you’re actually consuming on daily basis.

56 names for sugar. The everyday food that kills testosterone

Below is a link to the most common foods and the amount of sugar in those. I was horrified by even the healthier options, they contain so much sugar.

Commons foods with high sugar content

What can you do?

If you are serious about your health, you really need to cut down on this one food that kills testosterone, so I want you to go through your day or weekly intake of food and write down how much sugar is in that food. Do some research, look at the labels, or go online Have a look at how much sugar you’re actually consuming. And I guarantee you, you will be shocked because of this hidden sugar in plain sight.

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