We’re all looking for things that increase testosterone, right? New foods, diets and habits are great, but have you thought about the foods that lower testosterone and are wreaking havoc with the body’s ability to actually produce testosterone, without you even knowing?

I mean you could be doing lots of great things that increase testosterone, but you could also be eating a bunch of harmful things; so it’s like a tug of war, the body is trying to boost your testosterone levels, but is being hindered by all sorts of reasons.

One of the things that lower testosterone are the less than healthy foods we eat, by that I mean ‘processed and junk foods’.

foods that lower testosterone

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there, having a rough day or a rough week at work, stressed with no time and eating all sorts of rubbish and processed food as a result. Every now and then that’s perfectly fine, we can cope with that. But in the long term, there is no way we can expect to eat those foods and not have them impact our health and testosterone.

By processed foods, I’m referring to:

  • baked goods like cakes
  • pies
  • frozen pizza
  • microwave popcorn
  • pastries
  • donuts
  • fried food like chicken and chips

All these foods contain something called trans fats. Trans fats are actually created in the industrial process, when hydrogen is added to vegetable oil which in turn makes the oil solid at room temperature

Trans fats have actually been shown to increase bad cholesterol. Furthermore, trans fats are being linked to higher heart disease, diabetes, and inflammation in the body.

In a study of 209 men who regularly ate these foods, they showed a 15% drop in testosterone levels and a 37% drop in sperm count and sperm volume.

With some foods mentioned in this programme the research may be is not conclusive, I think when it comes to processed foods it is pretty much slam dunk. These foods are not good for your health, and they’re certainly not good for your overall levels of testosterone.

What can you do about these foods that lower testosterone?

1 – Keep a food diary, write down exactly what you eat, when and why. The why is really important.

2 – Determine if there are any patterns to when you eat junk food

3 – Audit your shopping and foods you keep in your house. If you know you will be tempted, then rid these foods from your immediate vicinity.

4 – Allow yourself a day off where you can eat such food

5 – Get a food buddy to keep you on track

6 – Research alternative foods, there is certainly much more choice these days

7 – Recognise that your body is important and the only one you have. Treat it well

No one is saying you never have these foods, just manage the amount. Remember, these are foods that lower testosterone and testosterone is the ‘God hormone’, think about that for a moment.

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