Many of the health issues that we think are just down to age, are actually related to your testosterone. Have you thought about what the low testosterone symptoms in men are? Do you have any?

I have to admit, I had no idea, no clue just how important testosterone is and the influence it has on so many functions and processes in the body. So I want to really drive home that point and impress upon you how critical it is to our health. So let’s discuss what the low testosterone symptoms in men are.

The Impact Low Testosterone Has


Starting with the heart.

Low Testosterone Symptoms in MenFirstly, low levels of testosterone are linked to something called vasoconstriction, which means that the coronary arteries that actually supply the heart become narrower.

Secondly, it leads to a lowering of HDL, good cholesterol. Now this is bad for two reasons. Firstly, the body actually needs good cholesterol to produce testosterone. Second reason is that one of the main roles of good cholesterol is to actually sweep away debris and plaque from our arteries, it actually cleans the arteries. So by not having a high level of testosterone, it can’t do its job.

Thirdly, as you guessed it, this leads to a build-up of plaque in the coronary arteries, which leads to heart disease.

Fourthly, these first three lead to an increased stiffness of the arteries in the body, and particularly around the heart, which means that blood basically has a harder time getting through. And research has actually shown and proven that the blood cells actually damaged themselves as they scrape themselves along the artery walls.

And finally, because one of the roles of testosterone is to build muscle and the heart is a muscle, over time a low level of testosterone is linked to a general weakening on the heart, which means that the heart over time becomes much less effective.


Low Testosterone Symptoms in MenLet’s move on to diabetes. Low levels of testosterone can lead to diabetes. Basically, because the body becomes less sensitive to insulin, the receptors on your cells become less efficient at actually picking up and detecting insulin, which means that the pancreas has to produce more and more and more in order to do its job.

Now according to Nature Reviews Endocrinology,

low levels of testosterone on independent risk factor that predicts development of type two diabetes”.


Let’s move on to the brain. Now, testosterone has so much to do with the brain and mental health it’s actually crazy, excuse the pun. It’s really, really important for how a man sees life, the sunshine and the positive outlook that he has.

Low levels of testosterone have been linked:

  • Alzheimer’s/Huntingdon’s/Parkinson’s
  • Lower mental cognition
  • Slower thinking
  • Depression/mood swings/sadness/negativity – have you seen older men, apathetic/tired/unhappy/can’t make decisions/worry a lot – that’s due to low testosterone
  • General lack of positive outlook
  • No zest for life


Low Testosterone Symptoms in MenMoving on to sex. Now this is a huge, huge one because clearly, as you know, one of the main roles of testosterone is sex drive and libido. So if you’re in a relationship, then low levels of testosterone are gonna have a huge impact. And you know, and we know that there’s a massive business now, with Big Pharma, selling those little blue pills when really, the issue is most likely to be a low level of testosterone.

Low levels of testosterone have been linked:

  • Less pleasure during sex
  • Erectile issues
  • Fewer erections
  • Less interest in sex
  • Less intense orgasms


Low Testosterone Symptoms in MenLet’s move on to the body. Now, you know one of the main roles of testosterone is to stimulate growth and development, and that includes muscle. So clearly, a  will result in:

Can you see the big picture? Are you seeing how vital how critical testosterone is to the very fabric of your health, well being and life. It is not about becoming some testosterone laden beast with massive levels and huge muscles. The evidence is there, from the age of 30, you can expect to experience a 1% drop every single year in new testosterone levels. Furthermore, research has shown us that in the last 40 years, on average, testosterone has dropped by 1% every single year.

What can you do if you have these low testosterone symptoms?

The biggest thing is to become aware of the changes you have experienced, to notice if you are suffering from the above.

Next, realise that it is not set in stone, this is not an inevitable part of life and getting older. These drops from the age of 30 in the last 40 years, are due to lifestyle, which means they can be reversed. Because guys, this is really really serious. This is about the very quality, the very fabric of your life, and how you want to experience this life.

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